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The Publisher
Kathy Bernard

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, I enjoyed everything that unique city has to offer, including the much publicized Mardi Gras which is an event all New Orleanians prepare for many months in advance, as well as the cuisine which rates the finest in the world.

I was one of four children raised by Protestant parents.  My father, a convert from Catholicism, was a fully licensed and ordained Baptist minister.  He served the Lord until his death at 94 Years old.  My mother was a Methodist at the time of their marriage and became a Baptist, thus unifying our family during my childhood. Churchgoing was several times a week without fail, and the sick were personally called upon, with all funerals faithfully attended.

I attended Xavier University, a Catholic university in New Orleans, Louisiana where I majored in journalism and Liberal Arts.  I left New Orleans and came to Los Angeles to pursue my writing, becoming an Associate Editor of a trade fashion magazine, The California Girl, where I wrote feature articles, did page layouts, and generally "put the magazine to bed".

I later became a professional artist specializing in portraiture.  My impressionistic abstracts, especially the clowns won popular approval and came to the attention of a local Beverly Hills newspaper who did a feature story on my artwork.  I also did many portraits of Elvis Presley and Tom Jones as well as those for the general public.

The residuals from sale of my paintings gave me sufficient funds to toy with another project; songwriting. I pursued that for a while and came within "shouting distance" to success but the operatic quality of my voice did not lend itself to the then current sound, and I refused to hand over my song material to anyone else to record.  That phase of my life eventually died a slow and painful death.


I attended the University of Mexico as well, studying Spanish and Fine Arts. But it was at Xavier University that I learned peace of mind through Catholicism. Having been reared in a Bible reading family and knowing what the Bible signified all I lacked was faith. I had not been baptized, much to my parents' concern, so my complete conversion came with a Catholic baptism and personal acceptance of Jesus Christ as my Savior. In the Catholic church I found the peace and tranquility I so feverishly sought.

I have had the honor to serve as Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist for many years and the joy it brings me cannot be measured.   Doing God’s work is a wonderful thing though none of us are, by ourselves, worthy.

I am hoping that this website will give some insight and make other Catholics think.  I would appreciate any replies, suggestions, and comments.   All articles are written from my personal viewpoint as a Christian.

God's love always,
Kathy Bernard