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. Kevin Bates, SM

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CatholicView's "Ask a Priest"  receives voluntary support 
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MAY/JUNE 2017 Questions
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"When the priest was anointing me with Holy Oil and said
'May your sins be forgiven', does this mean all of
my sins were forgiven, even from my past?"
- Stephen

I am Catholic. My grandson was baptized on Easter
in a Christian Church. I was not invited. Should I
have gone to the baptism?"- MD


"I have been baptized in the Baptist Church but I want to know
 more about the Catholic Faith. Is it possible for me to convert
 to Catholicism?" - Felicia


"Can I Become Catholic If I have Tattoos?"
 - Dustin

"I have a history of trauma that causes me to be extremely
careful and extremely risk-averse. Can you help me?
- Deschene

"My daughter is a cantor at Church but moved
in with her boyfriend.  Her priest told her she could
never hold her position.  Could she still take communion?
- Lulu

"My Dad was diagnosed with heart Arhythmia a while ago and
takes heat medications.  I get very unsettling feelings and think
he's not telling me everything about his health.  Please help?"

"I have been a smoker since young age and it is a difficult habit.  
I also smoked cannabis since high school.  Until I break the
habits, should I be confessing every week?" - Kevin

"What is the meaning of the Second Coming?"

"When I was in my early teen years I became severely depressed
and renounced my faith.  I committed what Jesus said was an
unforgiving sin.  Recently I was told I can never be forgiven for
blasphemy.  Is this Really true ?  Aleeshya

"If a couple has divorced but remain intimate, are
they committing fornication?  - Rcorujo

"A friend of mine was refused entry into a Catholic
secondary school in the UK because the child was
not baptized before 6 months." - Onet

"I am a Hindu boy and I am in a relationship with a Catholic girl. 
She wants me to become Catholic for the future of our children. If
I am willing to become Catholic, can I be baptized or would this
be sinful?"  Arjun

"My husband does not go to Church anymore  and
that hurts me when I discovered his cell phone has
many porn sites on it.
 And would a Catholic priest
ever tell a man that looking at porn is okay? - JD


 It is my understanding that the Blessed Mother was born without
original sin so that she could be the vessel for the Son of God.  So
if God made her without original sin why doesn't He make every
human without original sin? - Tom

In regards to abortion, I understand that the procedure is strictly
forbidden, but are there any circumstances  where abortion is
allowed or tolerated?  What would be the moral fallout for a
Catholic if they were to be forced to perform an abortion?"
             -   Lorrie

"I live in Malaysia and want to ask you about Filial Fear.
Does this mean God hurts when we offend Him? -  Christopher

"When we die do we meet our loved ones who
have died before us?  - Derek

Is it a grievous offense if we were intimate with each other?"
  - Mary

  "My Best Friend invited me to her wedding which will be a Goth
ceremony in Vegas on Halloween.
The ceremony will include a
coffin and a person in a Dracula costume as an officiate.  
  Is attending the wedding wrong?"  Deborah

"My Mom requested to be cremated when she died.  We had a small
Catholic Church service and her ashes were blessed, etc.  My
brother and I took some of the ashes and we now feel
guilty.  Any advice?" - Laura

"My son's father is a habitual and pathological liar. He has
been charged by the police with several financial crimes.
How do I raise a child with a man like this?"  Lindsay






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