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CatholicView's "Ask a Priest"  receives voluntary support 
from above priests who have taken time out 
from their respective parish duties to answer your questions.

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FEBRUARY/MARCH 2014 Questions

"I fell in love with my first cousin.  Can we marry?" - Ariana

"Can I  attend a major league baseball game if it supports
a homosexual group called "GLADD"?  - Paul

"Where does the Bible show that the rapture is NOT a
pre-tribulation rapture?" - Lynn

“Can I give my Church tithe to charity or an orphanage?” - Eric

“I am concerned about the way the Church is heading on
the divorced, the practicing gays, etc..  Why is the Church
becoming liberal?” - Lorraine

Why is “the washing of feet” not considered a
sacrament?” – Jurgen

“How do we know the will of God?  - Julius

“Did Judas actually sin since he fulfilled the prophecy to
hand Jesus to His enemies? – Justin

“I bought stock shares from a stock company and now it
diversified to include abortion drugs.  What does Church
Law say?” – Harmon

“In bible study I said we receive grace from the Eucharist. 
Our priest said “You believe that?” and laughed.  Why?”
- Julie

“Our Priest wears his knit cap into the Church. 
Is this appropriate?” - Susan

“I may have done something disrespectful to my
parents.  After their death I had them cremated. 
Have I sinned?” - Karl

“My six grandchildren are being taught that I go to a
bad Church and cannot be saved.  What should I
do?” - Kathleen

“Is there a modern day saint like me who went
to prison but did not commit a crime?” - Bryan

“I am not Catholic and want to enroll my son in a
Catholic School but was told I must attend Mass. 
Is this true? - Jack

“My father, 87, divorced my mother after 40 years
and goes to Mass with his girlfriend.  Too old to

commit adultery, is this justified in the Church?”
 - John

“My mom is 93 and legally blind, on oxygen,
and legally blind.  Can she become Catholic
without the normal process? - Jennifer

“What is the purpose of penance and
self-denial?” - Pat

“Does Psalm 144:1 conflict with "Thou shalt
not kill"? – Thomas

“I'm worried that my baptism is invalid.” - Laura  

“My Brother-in-law is my three children’s godfather. 
I found out later he was not Catholic but agnostic. 
What should we do?” – Michelle

“My first marriage was annulled and I want to remarry
in the Church.  Will a second marriage also appear
on the permanent record? – Ray

“Is it a sin to commit sinful acts as an actor
in a play/movie? - Steve 

“I am Catholic and my fiancÚ is a Pentecost Christian
and wants our marriage in her church.  What is your
advice to handle this?” - John

“I was healed by proxy when my wife attended a
Catholic healing service.  Is this a valid witness
of power of Sacrament Healing?” – Xavier

“Is it true that the Hebrews called the Ten
Commandments only suggestions?” - Nicole

“How can I reaffirm to Jesus after purposely
sinning?” - David

“I am suffering with Angina Pectoris and I am
afraid to die because my son is only two.  - Bim

“Why did God make me if I might spend eternity
 in hell? – Paula

“Is pride a sin?  -  Robert

“Is Catholicism Christian or not?”  - Vinnie

“My ex-wife and I were married in the Catholic Church.
If I get an annulment, will I need to be remarried in the
Church?” - Don

“My ex-wife divorced me.  I met a non-Catholic
and we married.  Can I take the Eucharist?”
 - Richard

“When does our own needs take first place in
helping others?  - Miller

“Can non-Catholics receive ashes at
a Catholic Church?” – Cynthia

“Is it a sin to take birth control?” Angelica

Can a strong Catholic who attends an Anglican Church
because it is closer, become a Catholic Priest?” - Calum

“Is it a sin to have and or want tattoos?”
 - Destiny

“I was sexually abused by my father at the age of 7
 and now he is threatening to leave my son out of
his will” - Anthony

“My boyfriend is Catholic and I am not.  Both of us
are divorced.  Will the Church advise him to give me
up because we are intimate? – Karen

“I am pregnant with my 4th child and Natural Family
Planning is not working.  My partner wants me to use
hospital family planning.  Can you help?” - Isabel

“Will my grandmother go to hell for tying her tubes?”
 - Laryssa

“My husband and my 5 children watch detective
shows with sexy women.  I am pregnant with our
6th child and feel unloved. Please help. - Sarah

“I was 7 years old when my parents divorced.  A
 friend told me they were going to hell so I asked Satan
 to take my soul instead.  Should I worry about this?”

“I am Jewish,divorced, and dating a Catholic girl.  I
 want to become Catholic. Do I need an annulment?
- Steve 

“I have confessed the sin of cohabitation. 
Can I receive communion?” – Paul

“How does normal ground become hallowed
ground?” – Robert

“My friend’s husband wants an annulment to marry
his Catholic girlfriend.  What does this do to her
children’s legitimacy?” – Amy

“Is inhaling or eating marijuana a sin to
Jesus Christ?” - Jesus

“Can a serial murderer or child molester go to
heaven if they accept Jesus as Savior and
regret their sins? - John

“If leaving the Mass right after Communion have
I fulfilled my obligation?  Richard

“I’m over 80 years old and live at an assisted
care home.  I receive communion but how
shall I confess my sins? - John

“How do I get to know God in a personal way?”
 – Kaila

“My dog died and I feel so much pain and
nothing seems to help?.” - Sandra

“I enjoy the homilies our new priest gives and go
to mass each day to hear him.  Is this wrong?”
 - Wendy



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