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    Fr. Arthur Carrillo, C.P.
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Fr. William G. Menzel
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. Kevin Bates, SM

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   Fr. Cedric Pisegna, C.P.

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Fr. Lazarus Chawdi

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JULY/AUGUST 2017 Questions
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"Why was it permissible and sanctioned by God for Abraham
to sleep with Hagar when he was already married to Sarah?"
-  William


"My wife was previously married, but her husband was unfaithful. She
had been baptized in the Catholic Church in El Salvador.  Does this
affect our ability to follow through with becoming Catholic?"
 - Fernando


"After 28 years of marriage, I committed adultery and left my family.  I never
understood the pain of sin until after this. 
Are my son and ex-wife
biblically and spiritually correct to not associate with me?"
-   William


"I keep feeling that I am going to die if my family and I go
to visit a Church 4 hours away."  Alexander


"My husband and I are 37 and have two beautiful children.  My
husband wants no more children and wants to get
vasectomy.  Please help!"  - Caroline


"I want to leave this world and go "Home".  I cannot
take the pain anymore."  -  Janet


"I had nocturnal emission in my sleep. 
Is this a sin?"  - Thomas


"I am a Hindu but I believe in Jesus Christ and my girl friend
is a Christian.  Would it be a sin to have a date before marriage?
 -  Arjun


"I am a devout Catholic, diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder
and schizoaffective.  Sometimes I feel anxious, scared, and many
times have powerful intrusive thoughts of masturbation, etc.  Are
thoughts sinful?"  -Sloskie


"What does 'SEE' mean when proceeding a bible
verse?  Thank you".  Rich


"I had lustful thoughts about a woman and feel great
shame and guilt and cannot go to confession until next
week.  If I should die before Confession, will I have

consequences in purgatory?  -Bryan


"My girlfriend of three months has decided to move in
her ex-boyfriend.  He has promised he will  commit to
marriage in 2 years.  How can I make her see he is
using her?"  - Ken


"I am twice divorced and living with a woman and
have not been to mass in years.  According to
the Church, divorce and adultery is sinful. 
Is communion forbidden?" - Luke


"Does the statement of Matt 5: 11-12 just refer to religious
persecution or just good things that one does in life toward
other people or even my wife and getting nothing in return?
 - Jim




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