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DECEMBER/JANUARY 2015/2016 Questions
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"I am a member of the Knights of Columbus and learned the
expression of "Vivat Jesu!"  The top Knight Carl Anderson
wrote it as "Vivat Jesus!  Which is correct?"
- Don

"I am Catholic and single.  I met a divorced Lutheran woman who
was married to a man who abused and forced her to have an
abortion. How does the Church view her situation?  Fritz

 "My girlfriend's family got evicted from their house and wants
me to help them.  I do not have a lot of money and am struggling
to make my own ends meet.  What should I do? - Tim

"I have always feared death.  Priests never talk about
eternal life except at funerals.  Any thoughts would
be appreciated." Tom

 "My Catholic brother's girlfriend has severe scoliosis,
wants to marry my brother but has to take painkillers
daily.  It is not advisable to bear children so the Church
may not marry them.  Please give guidance? - Jen

"I am a newly ordained priest.  I foolishly texted a
 woman with inappropriate images.  Her brother reported
 my action to my superior who gave me a 'leave of absence.' 
 Could I transfer to another diocese?" - John

"A woman I know is dying of cancer.  I don't believe she
goes to any church.  How do I bring up the topic of God
and baptism?  - Suzanne

"Could you explain the Society of St. Pius and
Archbishop Lefebvre and his ordination of four
bishops without Vatican Approval?" - R.J.

"My mother's parents were seriously abusive to her as
a child.  She still visits her parents but suffers highly
with the memory of that awful time.  Is it okay for her
to detach herself from parents who continue to be
abusive to her?" - Matthew 

"I have lost a precious member of my family, my little girl dog. I
have my precious little boy dog, and he is grieving along with me.
I just need to know if God will let me see them again when I die?"
- Yorkie Dad

"When I was young, I did not attend Church and had 2
 abortions. I went back to Church and became active.  But I
 hadn't gone to Confession for 50 years and when I did, the priest
 became very angry. Am I doomed to Hell?"- Rita

"Could you point me to a specific bible verse in
which someone is asking the intercession of a
saint?" - Matthew

"Years ago I fell hard and sinned.  My past is coming back to
stop me because I messed up again. How do I find peace?"
 - Des

"I had a conflict with the supervisor where I work.   It
started because a door that was left open by another
employee.  I felt angry because my chief officer called this
"a little thing."  I would appreciate your thoughts?"  - Jimmy

"May I receive communion without the Sacrament
of confession?" Nathan

"I am not Catholic.  A former business partner stole most
of my properties.  My wife stood behind me at first but
now she says I am not nice to her.  If my Catholic wife is
unwilling to forgive me is she committing a sin?"  - Doug

"I am not religious but I have a Catholic father and an
Anglican mother.  I went to a Catholic College and one
day we had a ceremony and I ate the Eucharist.  Is this a
mortal sin for a non-Catholic?" - Xphile

"My husband told me he was a practicing Catholic
but we got married in Court because I had to move
across the world to be with him but he does not follow
the rules of Catholicism.  Should I leave him?" - Anna

"I live in a small town in Mexico and the priest
does not speak or understand English.  How
do we go to confession?"  Dave and Nona

"I had cancer and promised God that if the cancer would
pass I would join monastic life.  The cancer is gone now. 
Would it be wrong to abandon plans of monastic life?"
 - John

"Is it a sin to hate God?  The priests tell me in
confession it is okay to be angry with Him.  Is
this true?" - Mark

"When I was young I was taught that if a child
died before baptism, that child would go to limbo. 
Is this true? - Jack 

 Can God forgive the people who are in hell
and can they go to heaven?  -  Claire

"My 18 year old son was scheduled to work on
                                   the Sabbath.  Is it my sin because I didn't think                                  
to get him off work today? - Tess

I am in love with a Hindu guy and wish to marry him.  My
              mom says this is a sin.  I don't my decision is wrong.  Is                
it wrong?"  - Liji








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