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. Kevin Bates, SM

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CatholicView's "Ask a Priest"  receives voluntary support 
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MARCH/APRIL 2017 Questions
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"What is the meaning of  "The Second Coming of Christ?" 
 -  Gianni

 "I committed what Jesus said was an unforgiving sin.  I was told I
can never be forgiven for blasphemy. Is that really true? - Aleeshya 

If a couple who was married in the Catholic Church divorce,
yet remain intimate, are they committing fornication? - Rcorujo

 "A friend was refused entry into a Catholic Secondary
school  because the child was not baptized before 6
months and the mom was awaiting papers.  Does this
 brand her as a bad Catholic?"
 - Onet

"I am Hindu and am now in a relationship with a
Catholic Girl and she wants me to become Catholic
for the future of our children.  If I am willing to
change, can I be baptized?" - Arjun


"My best friend has invited me to her wedding which will
be a ceremony in Vegas on Halloween.  The ceremony
will include a coffin and a person in a Dracula costume
as an officiate.  Is it wrong for me to attend this wedding? 

"My husband of 52 years has been addicted to porn for some time.
said a priest told him it was okay to look at porn as long as he doesn't do
anything further.  Could he be purposely misunderstanding the priest's words
so he doesn't feel guilt or sorrow? - JD

"Is God sad when we sin? I know that sin offends Him,
but does sin also make Him sad?" - Christopher

"My wife (not Catholic) has been advised that the best course of action to help with her
debilitating menstrual periods is to have a Mirena coil fitted.   Catholic forums say
they prevent fertilization and are not a bortifacient and would be acceptable morally.
Is the Mirena coil incompatible with the teachings of the Church?" - Greg

 "I'm in a foreign land abandoned by my family. No job, no money,                      
no food.  Despite all I have been through I can't bring myself to
commit crime to survive.  If I kill my self instead of committing
crime will I make heaven? - Emcol

 "My Parents are against tattoos.  My question is if I get a tattoo                        
will I be going against my my faith as a Catholic even if it has
nothing to do with religion?  -  Jose

"I am engaged to my best friend and we do not live together.  We have
followed all rules of the Church, but want to have our real wedding within the
Church and in front of God and have the papers signed in advance.  Is there a
way to do this without going through convalidation and marry within the Church? 
- Ashley

"I've been Baptist since I was a child. At age 44, I am interested in
the Catholic Faith with sins in my past.  I need someone, who has a
calling, to counsel me.  Can you help?"  Becky 

"I am seeking guidance to better understand a person in my life who is
Catholic.  We have a son and his father is a habitual and pathological
liar.  He has been charged by the police with several financial crimes.  My
question, how do I deal with someone who says he is a devout Christian
with no Christian values?  How do I raise a child with Him?" - Lindsay

"If I take a bunch of pills then go to confession will I go
to hell?" - Katie

"I just wanted to know if I'll never see heaven if I go through with
an abortion today because I don't have a life to raise a kid.  Can
you help guide me in God's word. - Gabriella

"As a victim survivor of child sexual abuse, physical and spiritual
abuse by religious and clergy as an
adult, is it a sin for that soul
to seek out understandings and needs to be punished by others?"
 - Patrica 

"There was a time in my life when I sold myself to Satan
over love.  Is God able to get my soul back?  Mark

"If Catholic Church members of Congress vote to remove health
insurance from poor and financially struggling Americans under the
repeal of the ACA, will they commit a mortal sin?"  - Jim


"What does this mean for me, a 51 yr old woman who tried everything
imaginable to have children, including prayer & faith. 
I am now
questioning my faith." - Aura


"Although my religion is not Christian, I have faith in Jesus
and Mother Mary.  I am suffering from a breathing problem
and no doctor can identify my illness.  Please make a prayer
for me?  - Rabha

"Years ago we became Catholic and our 2 children were baptized Catholic.      
We moved again and our 3rd was baptized Episcopal.  We moved
once more and attended a Episcopal Church. 
Later we moved and
 want to attend the Catholic Church.  What must we do to
receive the Eucharist?  - Emily






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