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    Fr. Arthur Carrillo, C.P.
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Fr. William G. Menzel
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. Kevin Bates, SM

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   Fr. Cedric Pisegna, C.P.

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Fr. Lazarus Chawdi

CatholicView's "Ask a Priest"  receives voluntary support 
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JUNE/JULY 2017 Questions
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"I am a devout Catholic.  I struggle with same sex attraction.
 In what ways can a man struggling with SSA serve in the
Church?" - Timothy 

"I have been dating my boyfriend for about 3 years now 
He is Italian, a Roman Catholic. I am Sikh
. A bishop/priest said he can
give us the permission needed to marry in the Church. but my boyfriend
says it does not work that way for Roman Catholics.
  Is this true?

I give about a $100/month to my local Family of Faith Campaign as part of a pledge I
made to give $3,000 over 5 years.  I also give about $10 weekly at MassI just
don't want to give that $10 anymore for a variety of reasons. 
Am I committing a sin? - Thanks. - Mark

We have a house in Beatty, Oregon, where one murder and two
 suicides have happened and we plan to move their remains. 
 What is your opinion? - Ernie

"What happens if a priest suspects that the person confessing
 is not in touch with reality?" - Elizabeth

"Why do I keep committing the same sin over and over again? - KN

"I am a Catholic and have been struggling with living in a world that
 is becoming increasingly evil.  How am I supposed to live in joy?" - Avana

"We were married in the Church, but she says that she didn’t really take the vows
 because she had mental reservations."  -Peter

"I had a civil marriage to a Catholic man.   Because I was sick
 and he was unfaithful we got divorced.  Again I got baptized in a
 Catholic Church.  Can I marry again?"  -Sabrina.

 "If someone dies in grace and is admitted to Heaven, is that their
 final destination?" - PW 

My husband was living a double life.  One with me and one for his
girlfriend.  When I found out, he chose to be with his girl friend.
 What are the Church's standings for me?" Jen


"I was told by one of the Sisters that I am not allowed to receive the Eucharist
until my husband gets his first Marriage annulled.  Can I receive the
Eucharist?" -  Suzanne

I have been mentoring a Catholic girl of 19 in Theology of the Body. Her father
 wanted me to help her.  Would it be ok for her to share her sins with me?
 - Amy








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