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    Fr. Arthur Carrillo, C.P.
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Fr. William G. Menzel
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. Kevin Bates, SM

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   Fr. Cedric Pisegna, C.P.

Father Amaro
Amaro Saumell

. Peter Auer

CatholicView's "Ask a Priest"  receives voluntary support 
from above priests who have taken time out 
from their respective parish duties to answer your questions.

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Published or written responses to inquiries are solely intended to spiritually educate and inform and offers no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness because of the brevity of information received.  Persons sending in questions must be over 18 years of age.  Every effort is made to insure that replies offered are in accordance with the teachings of the Church.   CatholicView and its staff shall not be held liable or responsible for improper use of answers found in this category.  Readers must carefully scrutinize replies given and take full liability for subsequent action.   Final responsibility rests with the reader to seek supplemental support by both local parish priests and/or certified, licensed professionals.


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JULY/AUGUST 2014 Questions

 “My mother passed away and I am drowning
in grief.  I need some bible passages to
guide me.  Please help? - Ann

“When I had Chemo Therapy, I lost my
closeness to God.  Please help?”
 - Donald

“If Heaven is real and so amazing, why is
suicide a mortal sin for those who just
want to get there? - Carrie

"I am a Catholic and my friend is a born again Christian.
How will I deal with these differences?" - BJ

"Is it right for people to socialize by talking
loud and laughing before mass?" – Lu

"Is it a sin not to give money to those who beg
on the streets?"
- Micheal 

“Can a lay person own a blessed chalice?” – Paul

“My sister and her husband have a young baby.  Both
Catholic, they are now Hindu. How can we get them
to baptize their baby?” - Sue

“Would a person need an annulment if a marriage
is not recognized by the Church? - DuBose

“As a Christian “mantra” can I say “It will for us
become the bread of life.  It will become our
spiritual drink?” - Tania

“My fiancÚ is a Baptist and I am Catholic.  If we
marry by a Baptist pastor, would our marriage
be valid in the Catholic Church? - Saro

"If someone is addicted to pornography and wants
help, what advice would you give?  - David

“Does Jesus only exercise the authority
and power of being Merciful until the end
of times”
 - Richard

“My brother-in-law stated in his will that “under no
circumstances shall his ashes be buried. - Robert

“Where is the line between a Christian just
having different beliefs (Anglican or Baptist)
 verses not being a Christian at all? - Hernanday

“I am a medical interpreter and my job mileage is being
calculated too high.  When I reported this my check was
held over 3 weeks.  Advice? - Miriam

“I am liberal in my beliefs and at my new parish a
conservative lady had some disturbing ideas about
faith.  How do I deal with this?” - Suzanne 

“Why Is a Cardinal sometimes called “The
Archbishop" of a certain City?”  Dina

“I became Catholic.  My first spouse was an atheist
and divorced me and a second one as well.  Can
I marry a Catholic?  - June

“My husband who was a teacher passed away
leaving reams of paper in the attic.  Any suggestions
on what to do?” - Sally 

“Is it a sin not to be baptized?” - Jessica 

“My grandfather is very ill.  What prayer
can I use for him?” – Maria

“I am going on a cruise with my daughter
and family.  What should I do if I miss
obligatory mass? - Anthony

“How much should I tithe if I sell something
for $140.00?” - Richard


“I am an escort but want to go to confession but
will return to escorting.  Since I continue in sin,
is this sacrilegious?  - Kelsey

“Can an object be baptized?  - Elizabeth

“Because the priest sees my daughter and her
fiancÚ at mass, he says they do not have to attend
the premarital course.  Is this right?”
                           - Angela

“Is it a sin to take non-consecrated communion
wafer in an Evangelical Church? - Amy

“Why can’t I keep friends and loved ones?  My
husband’s  job keeps him away too.  Do I need
prayer? – Alicia


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