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November/December 2014 Questions

“In these times of selfish evil and greed, what
can be done to bring more good? - Tinkle

"I want to believe but just don't know how.  Any
advice?" – Noelle

”If I have been morally wronged by someone,
am I obligated to forgive him?” Tory

“Do I still go to heaven if I commit suicide?”
 – Rich

 “My girlfriend and I are both 68 years old and are
expressing our love sexually.  Are we
condemned?” - George

"The Jehovah Witnesses believe that in 1917
Satan and followers came to the earth and
we are near the Second coming.  Do
we believe this?" - Richard

"If G-d gives us everything we need, why
do we need to pray to Him?" - Dina

"Why was the 'Gospel of Mary' not published
by the Council of Nicea?" – Rayna

"I am 49 years old and want to marry.  Can
I marry late and not have children?"  - Tadhg

"Is it wrong for me to refuse the cup during Holy
Communion when given by an Extraordinary
Minister?" - Asa 

"The man I am dating is struggling with his faith.
 How do I help him?"  - Annie


“My brother is in a hospice.  A man who said
he was a priest with a dispensation from
Rometo marry was administering to him. 
Is this acceptable?  - Madonna

“My retired husband wants to leave me and our
children permanently and live in another country. 
When should I get a legal separation?” - Michelle

“My brother teaches his son to rebuke those
who sin against him and forgive.  But he also
says avoid the person in the future.  Is this
following Christ’s teaching? - Patrick

“When the apostles were sent out in pairs to
heal who went with who?”  -Michael

“If and man and a woman had mortal sins on
their souls before getting married in the
Church, Is that marriage valid? - Nola

I suffer with a mental illness and at one
point wanted to end my life.  I regret this
now.  Will God forgive me?” - Clara

“Will Brittany Maynard spend eternity
in hell because she chose to end her
life?” - Erika

“Is cross dressing a mortal Sin? - RD

“My husband has lost faith in the Church
and wants to conduct his own mass. 
How should I handle this? - Stacey

“My husband and I are in the upper
seventies and we watch Sunday
Mass on TV.  Is this okay? 
- Georgia

Will my brother who was a soldier and
killed in combat go to heaven?  - Wilson

“Can one get baptized, confirmed and
given Sacraments by a priest if that
person is believed to be dying?”
- Natalie
“My fiancÚ and I are planning for an
April wedding.  Can we marry civilly
in December if we do not engage in
sex?” - Hanna

“Is it better not to vote or to vote for one
that is considered the ‘lesser evil’?
  - Adrian                                

“I feel alone in my faith.  Does that mean
I don’t have enough faith? - Alex

“I am Ukrainian Catholic married to a
divorced Methodist.  He married
Catholic.  Can I receive Communion?”
 - JoAnn

“My Catholic friend is in love with a Hindu
girl whose parents disapprove of the
marriage.  Please advise? - Jo

"I am Catholic and my fiancÚ has not attended
pre-cana classes and is worshiping  Buddha. 
What should I do? - Sophia


“A group from the Ambassador For Christ are
stating that ‘Priesthood in the Catholic Church
has no biblical essence"  Can you help us
respond?”- Gabriel



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