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APRIL/MAY 2016 Questions
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 "Recently I had questions and talked to a priest but left
more confused.  He made me feel that if I wanted a better
job it is a sin to desire this, it was a sin to want to travel
among other normal desires.  Can you help me?"  Kelly

"Is picking up trash along the road in garbage bags a good
deed?"  - TP

My 96 yr old Aunt had the last rites when she was very ill
8 years ago.  She is now very ill.  Does she need the last
rites again?"  -  Pam 

"Should we give our new priest a gift after he says
his first mass?" - Kathy

"My Catholic ex-wife married in the Church.  She wanted
a divorce to figure things out".  Since the divorce we have
been dating and talking about living together.  What is the
Church's position on this?" - Dan

"Can I have my grandson baptized?  My granddaughter
has totally abandoned him."  -  Jennifer

"I am 23 years old and in a loving relationship for 8
months but don't want to marry.  If we choose to live
together, are we committing a sin?"  Tanya

"I would like advice on how to heal the wounds from
past mistakes.  Can you help?"  -  Darren

"My Catholic fiance' and I are engaged.   I am Eastern
Orthodox.  Would it be an issue for the Catholic Church
to wed us?" -  Star

"I am an Eucharistic Minister.  A man came up to me with
a small pyx and requested two hosts.  Did I do wrong by
letting him take the hosts? - Filomena

I have been married for three years and have two children. 
I am haunted by my sins for one, betraying him while we
dated and two not being completely honest.  Is it true God
would punish us even after confession for our sins"
- Kathleen"

My brother and his wife are in a second marriage and married
30 years.  Can my brother return to the Eucharist without his
wife needing to annul her previous Protestant Church marriage?
- Trish 

"Where do I start to become Catholic?  Hedash

"Is it wrong to burn floral incense for a nice smell in my house?"
- Sean

"I am a Malaysian Catholic and in a serious relationship with
a Muslim man.  My mother may not give her blessing.  Can
you advise me? - Allena

"My boyfriend and I attend Mass each Sunday. We are both
practicing Catholics but he never takes Holy Communion. 
Should I ask him why? - Maria 

"A person from a Marthoma Camp told me none Christian people
who helped others would still be damned to hell.  When I said God
looks into our hearts and then judges us, they rebuked me.  Please
help!"  - Joseph

"I was watching the Passion of Christ and wondered why Jesus
chose St. Peter to lead His Church?"  Helen

"I have had serious doubts about my faith, about Christianity,
about Jesus, about the Bible, etc.  Can you help me?" - Rico

"Evening masses at my parish are frequently offered by a priest
with a very thick accent.  I may have heard him incorrectly, but I
am positive that he said that Mary herself is not only the Immaculate
Conception but also the incarnate form of the Holy Spirit. This didn’t
agree with any theology that I had ever been taught. Comments?
 - John





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